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We welcome you to North Star Farm & we look forward in meeting you!


Parking and vehicles. Onsite parking area (grassy parking lot). Overnight parking is allowed, but vehicles must be removed off property by 10 am or earlier the next day or are subject to towing at the owners cost after 10 am morning after event. For insurance reasons we do not allow campers, RVs, ATVs, drones, trailers, semis, boats, or similar on the property. 


Hotels and Shuttles. There are multiple hotel/motel options within 10 minutes of North Star Farm. Check the local cities of St Peter, Belle Plaine, and Le Sueur for options. Shuttle are coordinated by the bride and groom. Contact them for availability. No tents, campers, or camping is allowed.


Check the weather before you leave. It's always good to be prepared. If temperatures are low and there is a breeze you'll need that coat and/or sweater. If the sun is out, or the temperature is up, the suit coat can stay in the car, but grab your sunglasses. Ceremonies are outdoors weather permitting. We have some heating and cooling in the reception barn, however, because the buildings are historic and the inside temperature will fluctuate based on the temperatures outside. A lot of times we keep the large barn doors open and it's an outdoor feel for most receptions. 

Think of your feet. When walking the farm, you'll stroll our grounds, walking on grass, gravel, and concrete. Just something to think about when deciding between heels, flats, or even tennis shoes. At the farm, our parking lot is grass, our roads are gravel, and our walkways to the ceremony and reception building has plank flooring. 

The venue has large modern ADA-compliant bathrooms.


Handicap Access. We have closer parking for handicap access. Our bathrooms are handicap accessible. Our ceremony and reception barn are one level and doorways are easily accessed with wheelchairs, walkers, or motored scooters.  

No pets allowed without first receiving written permission from North Star Farm.

All bars are open bar! Bring your ID and cash for tips for the bartenders. We do not have an ATM on-sight. No ID? No Service!

Thank you in advance for planning ahead.

Please pay attention to your children! We love kiddos and want them to be safe. We also want to make sure things stay nice for years to come. In the past, kids have become bored and some get destructive when mom and dad are still having fun. Because the property is large we ask you keep a close watch on your kiddos. The bride and groom are responsible for their guests young and old. All damages to any part of the property, large or small, and the cost of repairs come out of their pockets (repairs are not cheap). We host a multiple events each week and we want things to look as attractive for each event.


We do not have highchairs at this time

No parking lot parties! Trunk and Tailgate bars are not allowed. Violators can and will be asked to leave and or authorities can be called, to have them removed from the property. Thank you in advance for keeping your coolers at home.

Smoking only Areas Provided, No Smoking outside of these areas! There will be smoking areas outside and around the farm. We ask that you deposit cigarette butts in sand buckets in these areas. Do not throw cigarettes into the fire pit. Please do not smoke where there are no ashtrays. Again, all damages including cleaning up cigarette butts are subject for the couple to pay for cleaning.


Lost Items! North Star Farm is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. If you misplaced or lost something we ask that you contact the bride and groom first. Any thing we find at the end of the night is sent home with them, and if we find something the next day we will inform them of what we found.                         


Thank you!

North Star Farm Over View
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